Christopher Micheal Phillips I love you

As you all know, I was in a relationship with a wonderful person. His name is Chris Phillips. He has the biggest heart and I love and care about him far more than I’ve ever thought about caring about anyone else in this world. He is the only person I want to be with. However, we are taking a break. He’s taking time to clear his head, and I guess I have to do the same. I never wanted our relationship to reach the lowest of the lows, and it has. What we had to begin with was perfection, everything seemed like it was from a fairy tale. Now it’s like a nightmare. It got to the point where we were ripping each other apart whenever we fought. I knew what I was doing, and I shouldn’t have. I respect him, and love him, and you’re not supposed to do that to someone you love. I’m not perfect. No body is. But im going to work on bettering myself. SO when he comes back, he can see that I want to be with him and only him. 

Are you fucking kidding me? I am not a liar. If I say something is mine it’s fucking mine. You fucking lying dick.

On top of that, I am so fucking done with everyone and their bull shit.
Everyone needs to leave me the fuck alone.

I’m literally going to fucking snap.




My mum said if I got more than 600,000 notes I was allowed to adopt a chinchilla.

I tried this last year, but I only managed 8 notes.

She believes that there’s no way tumblr cares that much. 


Everyone’s getting fluffy animals and I feel sad because no one wants me to have a chinchilla :(

you’re getting a chinchilla ok those things are adorable

let’s do this folks

Year of the precious fluffy domestic animals.

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Reblog if your name’s not Rick.

gonna assume that everyone who scrolls right past this is named rick


imageare not Rick.WHERE ARE YOU RICK!!!!!???


we’re never gonna find this bastard.

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